Nollywood film industry crosses African and American cultures, The

The Takeaway
Nigeria's film industry is the third largest in the world. Films such as Mummy's Daughter Part 4, Beyonce: The President's Daughter, and End of Dreams are part of a booming $250-million-plus business that has produced its own roster of stars in front of and behind the scenes. ESSENCE Senior Editor Patrik Henry Bass explains the now-global phenomenon. For those interested in seeing some of Nollywood's work, Patrik Henry Bass recommended several clips and samples of the films he mentioned. The Takeaway spoke with Bethels Agomuoh, who produces, acts, and distributes Nollywood movies, and also Awal "Kelly" Yaquob, who works at a store in the South Bronx that sells Nollywood movies. Hear both Agomuoh and Yaquob's recommendations and short history of Nollywood.