Bans lifted in Cuba

The World
(How come Cubans couldn't buy these products in the first place?) The idea is there should be equality among all and a class system could be created by ownership of certain products. This is something Cubans have always complained about though. (In practical terms, a lot of these things would not be affordable for the average Cuban. So is this a releasing of the rules in name only?) Yes but in the soon-to-be upper class, a lot of these things will be purchased. Those who have purchased items on the black market can now take them out of hiding. (Who's going to benefit from this ban being lifted?) I think the government will, I can't see anyone else profiting. (What about the average Cuba, how much would he or she welcome these changes?) My wife is from Cuba and we were on a major street, riding the bus in Miami, and there was block after block of American franchise and she said this is what we want. (Is there resentment towards the government over the old policies?) Yes, not towards the individual, towards the government.