Prosecuting prostitution abroad

The World
MF says there's one country whose approach stands out: Sweden essentially has a felon offense against johns who buy sex, and traffickers, and pimps, but there's no arrest of the person selling sex. The Swedish law offers services, such as housing, medical and social services and long term vocational training, which women need to get out. (Has it rid Sweden of prostitution?) It has almost stopped trafficking entirely in Sweden. People are being moved to places where prostitution is decriminalized. (Is the Netherlands an example of this, with areas that are official red light zones? Does that work?) It does not seem to have worked, the mayor of Amsterdam has recently spoken of the overwhelming presence of illegal crime. (What about Thailand and other places where this is the only option for women and in some cases it works?) I once heard a john say he was a humanitarian because he was giving money so a woman could put food on the table. I would say to that man, why not just give her a man and not sexually exploit her? (What has Spitzer's actions done to spark this debate?) I think that's true, while I can't get past the tragic consequences for his family and for the women he bought, but I am appreciative that around the world we are hearing a new level of discussion of solutions and the problems of prostitution.