Al Qaeda phone spam

The World
(When you hear a message like that, what does the use of this tactic tell you about al Qaeda?) I think it tells you how sophisticated, adaptive, and clever they are. This is a very in your face tactic and we're talking about them now, which I bet is the idea. (Could it really work in terms of raising money?) I don't think that was their intent at all, I don't think they expect to make money. They don't need money so much, I think this was more a propaganda idea. Their whole point of their propaganda machine is to demonstrate that they're worthy interlocutors of us so rather than raising money they're trying to get our attention and demonstrate how sophisticated they are and win recruits. (Are there other examples of them being able to use such technologies?) Just looking at the increasing sophistication that the video tapes that are made by al Qaeda. (Where is destroying the Saudi government on the priority list of al Qaeda?) I think it's #1 for Bin Laden, it always has been. His desire to destroy the US is because he believes we prop up Saudi Arabia.