'To the Point: After Ohio and Texas'

To the Point

Hillary Clinton's wins in Ohio and Texas ensures that she and Barack Obama will be campaigning for weeks to come. "To the Point" analyzes the results and looks to the future.

What do you think about the election so far?

Mike Huckabee ended his campaign last night, leaving John McCain as the last Republican standing. Today, he got the ritual blessing from his party's White House incumbent. Warren Olney talks to James Antle, associate editor of the conservative monthly, "American Spectator," about President Bush's endorsement of John McCain.

John McCain has wrapped up his party's nomination, but Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama will still be campaigning for weeks to come. While McCain gets a unifying White House blessing, the Democrats are likely to remain divided all the way to the August convention.

Also, a look at the exit polls and what they say about change, experience and the impact of negative campaigning. Do Republicans really like McCain all that much? Will Democratic divisions be a source of weakness or strength come November?


- Gary Langer: Director of Polling, ABC News
- Tad Devine: Democratic Strategist, Devine Mulvey
- Rhodes Cook: Editor, "Rhodes Cook Letter"
- David Corn: Washington Editor, "The Nation"
- Jennifer Palmieri: Advisor, John Edward's 2008 presidential campaign

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