A Cuban American view of Castro's resignation

The World
Torres didn't return to Cuba for 15 years. She found Castro's resignation anti-climatic: We hoped there would be more political changes, and de-centralization of the economy (What's your sense of how the government might address those economic concerns?) We might see some liberalization in terms of small, private businesses. Some of us with it would be post-Franco Spain, but I think it'll be more like Vietnam with an active military in the economy. I think the US at this stage is going to be more interesting in controlling immigration than fostering democracy in Cuba, unfortunately. (This kind of represents the end of the line of toppling Castro. But is that the bottom line or is getting democracy in Cuba the bottom line?) Cuba is still central in the hearts of many of us here. It is Cubans on the islands who need to decide what the future is going to be. The Cuban-Americans understand that. (It sounds like you're saying generational issues are fragmenting the Cuban-American movement here). I think that we could go even go beyond that and there was a national fragmentation with revolution and its aftermath. But our hearts are in Cuba, while our minds are here in the States.