The Pope's version of world cup soccer

The World
(Where did you get your team name from?) They were Jesuit martyrs who laid down the foundation for Catholicism in the US. (So there have already been three red cards for verbal abuse on the soccer field?) None of those red cards have come from us. (With those red cards, I trust there wasn't any blasphemy or the Lord's name was used in vain?) I think all of the red cards have been double yellow cards so no. (In the fouling system you get the blue card also?) That means you have to sit out of the game for five minutes, you have to cool off and think about what you've done. (What's the purpose of this for the Catholic Church?) We can put forward in this tournament healthy competition. We're young and vibrant, some of the good qualities people don't always see in their priests. People don't also always see fair play and unfortunately we've seen this season a different side. But in another sense that's fine because we mess up like anyone else. The possibility there is it for to be hugely positive.