Documentary chronicles attempts on Castro

The World
(Those techniques tried out by the CIA you just mentioned in the clip of your film, are those real?) It may have been an idea but it was at least discussed. The more bizarre plots came out in the 1970s when the US Senate decided to investigate the CIA's involvement in assassination plots. We hadn't got very far, it was something discussed though. (Some ranged from putting powder in his boots and make his beard fall out to an exploding cigar. How close did the CIA and other assassins get?) Possibly the closest was an attempt by a man who now still lives in Miami and runs a marine supply store there. he was an accountant by training, part of the Cuban middle class who didn't like Castro's Cuba and he thought he had a morale duty to do something about it and he had a bazooka lined up on him. (Why didn't any of these plots work?) I think the explanation behind these bizarre plots is they wanted to eliminate Castro without getting the blame. For the Cuban exiles, in the end they didn't find a person willing to sacrifice their own life to get rid of Castro. These guys wanted to reap the benefits of living in a Castro-less Cuba. (Couldn't the number 638 come up by the Cuban security services be an overblown number used as propaganda by Cuba?) well we were initially skeptical. In the end, not each one of these was actually tried, but if we're talking about just plots, there were probably more than 638. the image of this indestructible guy was useful for Castro. (Would killing Castro have made a difference anyway?) I guess it wouldn't make that much difference. But Castro is charismatic and he has kept his economic system in place so for most of that time, killing Castro would've made a huge difference.