Humanitarian crisis in Mogadishu

The World
(Who are these children who are said to be at risk?) These children are part of many thousands of Somalis who fled from Mogadishu. The situation is desperate. (Give us a snapshot of their lives). These people live outside Mogadishu where they have either makeshift houses or live under trees. Their condition is dangerous and these people wait for water tanks and food and medicines. They're only waiting for assistance, they're not thinking about their lives or future. (How could it be that these children are in such peril?) People were expecting they'd go back to their homes where they had small livelihoods, but now the situation has been deteriorating. The violence is still there so they can't go back home. (UNICEF is describing Somalia as being forgotten. Do these people feel forgotten?) The people told me they need assistance and they believe they've been forgotten. They say the international community has forgotten them.