Germany launches a love train

The World
The Flirt Express has already taken off with 80 flirters aboard. One man on board, a man from Ireland talked to me about his dream woman and valuing a personality more than looks. He's hoping to find a German lady who can help him find German. Most of the people were just looking for some fun, the average age is between 28 and 40. Munich is a city of singles and they said they're just hoping to meet someone here. They thought this might be the occasion where something might start. (So what are they doing on the train?) Women have received red roses and every five minutes a bell goes off when they have to change partners. They're going to a village about an hour away and then the train turns around and then there's a post-train party. Bear in mind there are 15 locations where trains are doing this and over 800 people involved. (Did anyone who you spoke with try out their opening lines?) Yes there was a gentleman who was very convincing.