Plastic surgery in Afghanistan

The World
This man wanted to return to his native Afghanistan in 2002 to open a plastic surgery clinic in Kabul. His first business was tough. Slowly more customers came. This 19 year old showed up and it's not been nine days since her nose job. She is an Asian ethnic minority and was not able to get married before. Her nose job makes her look like one of the ethnic majority. This assistant says marriage is the main reason girls come here. One woman who was worried about her husband seeing her for the first time came because she was worried about being divorced. In their clinic, the set up for surgery is primitive. The surgery begins. This woman is getting a scarred removed. The girl groans in pain. The surgeon injects more local anesthetic and continues. It's a bare bones procedure but it's for just $250 dollars. Still six years after launching his clinic, the man thought the clinic and the country would be farther along.