Mexico's immigration problem 4:25:

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In the middle of the night in southern Mexico this freight train is approaching heading north. This is the path of death in Mexico says this man who runs a safehouse for Central American migrants. He is a few feet away. A group of undocumented men and women from Honduras that that man has sheltered from the police and extortion gangs gets ready to jump on board. The Mexican government claims 400,000 Central and Latin Americans cross illegally into Mexico every year. Most are passing to the US. the US border patrol estimates nearly half will make into the US. migrants say the train is the lesser of two evils: the police, robbers and kidnappers can be on the road and force them to pay a ransom. When the train, armed gangs sometimes control who gets on and who gets off. They must also stay awake gripping an arm rail or they can lose limbs or their lives. this woman says the train is a dangerous way to travel. She left her husband, son and parents two months ago. She stopped here after she says she was robbed by a policeman who bordered the train. She says she also says three die on the train. This twenty year old Nicaraguan remembers the shake downs by the Mexican police. They also ask for all your money. This migrants' advocate says by not protecting migrants, Mexico doesn't practice what it preaches. President Calderon does plan to legalize thousands of Guatemalans already inside Mexico if they can provide proof of employment. Experts here say the initiative is unlikely to do much. This Mexican Congressman has drafted a bill that would grant migrants safe passage. His law has been approved by the Mexican Congress and might help migrants with police and the other dangers of traveling through the country.