Uncertain future for Benazir Buttho's party

The World
Buttho is being turned into a saint. The Pakistan People's Party is expecting this sympathy to turn into votes later this month. But when that sympathy wanes, what will happen to the party? Buttho's husband has taken charge and he anointed their son co-leader. But the husband says this wasn't about keeping it in the family. And united by loss, the PPP has rallied around the husband. He's a controversial figure who's been jailed but not convicted on corruption charges. He insists he has the support of the PPP leadership. The PPP was founded by a feudal land owner who vowed to empower the power and inspired middle class intellectuals. For those groups, Buttho meant change, but there are feelings that Buttho betrayed the party's roots. This woman believes the PPP now benefits the elite. But it's Benazir's name the PPP is counting on. The only way PPP leaders say to avenge Buttho's death is to vote for the PPP.