Issues topping US election

The World
In Minnesota's Senate race in 2006, the Democrats won by a landslide but the war isn't the #1 concern anymore. This U of MN political scientist, �For many Minnesotans who were most concerned with Iraq, it's taken a backseat to the economy.� MN shed 23,000 jobs in the past six months and the state economist has declared the state is in a recession. A poll released today revealed their top concerns in the state are the economy and jobs. As for Iraq, just 22% of Democrats and 10% of Republicans feel it is now the #1 issue. Barack Obama didn't shy away from mentioning his opposition to the Iraq War during a visit to Minneapolis on Saturday, Obama spoke most about the economy. This woman attended the rally with her teenage son, she works for Northwest Airlines where the company has shrunk after bankruptcy. She believes Obama can deliver better jobs and better pay. But many MN Democrats are endorsing Hillary Clinton. St. Paul's Mayor says Clinton is more likely to make good on promises to making good on the economy. But the head of the state Republican party says the war is still important to people, which could help the GOP. These young Republicans hanging out at a bar discuss the election. This woman is backing John McCain, a staunch supporter of the war in Iraq. She says she wants a President who can take control and make tough decisions. Another woman says McCain is too far outside the party. She is supporting Mitt Romney. All at the table cited the war on terror as their top issue.