US officials head to Mexico to tackle root causes of mass migration

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People cross the border between US and Mexico

People cross the Rio Grande from Ciudad Juarez, Mexico into El Paso, Texas, March 23, 2021. Mexico announced that US advisers on border and immigration issues will meet with Mexican officials on Tuesday to discuss migration and development in Central America as a surge of migrants has hit the US southern border. 

Christian Chavez/AP

What are the root causes that are driving tens of thousands of Central Americans to come to the US-Mexico border? That's a question White House officials are starting to tackle. Senior advisers to President Biden were in Mexico this week discussing possible solutions. And, Chinese students in the US and China respond to the rise in hate crimes against Asian Americans. Also, while Madrid's mayor is encouraging more cars in the city center, walkers and cyclists are fighting to get more pedestrian space and bike lanes.

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