Trump is the first US president to be indicted for a crime

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Donald Trump has made history as the first US president to be indicted for a crime, but this is something that’s pretty common around the globe. We hear about how numerous world leaders have been caught up in their own legal problems. Also, inflation has long haunted the economy of Argentina. But it’s now reaching excruciating levels, soaring past 100%, the highest level in 30 years. And, the ascension of Humza Yousaf as the first minister of Scotland is another historic milestone for the United Kingdom. He’s the first Muslim and first South Asian to hold the position. This also follows Rishi Sunak’s rise as prime minister of Britain. Plus, the Museum of Failure started in Sweden back in 2017. It has since traveled the world, displaying more than 150 failed products. But the museum isn’t about making fun of the inventions. It’s about using them to normalize failure.

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