Gaza war frays Egypt-Israel pact

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Egyptian President Anwar Sadat, left, US President Jimmy Carter, center, and Israeli Prime Minister Menachem Begin clasp hands at the White House as they completed signing of the peace treaty between Egypt and Israel in Washington on March, 26, 1979.

Egypt and Israel have officially been at peace for the last 40 years, thanks to a treaty President Jimmy Carter brokered at Camp David in 1978. But Egyptian officials are threatening to rip up the agreement because Israel is vowing to send its troops into Rafah, just across the Egyptian border in Gaza. And, Kenya's Kelvin Kiptum was a fast-rising star in the world of marathon runners. But over the weekend, he died in a tragic car accident. Also, there's a growing rift between the families of hostages about whether to push for a ceasefire or continue to fight Hamas. The majority is adamant about a ceasefire, but a small group of families also formed a group opposing negotiations with Hamas. Plus, "doping Olympics" gets its first athlete.

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