Africa GDP predicted to dip due to climate change

The World
In this Friday, Sept. 24, 2021 file photo, a shepherd stands in the dry riverbed at Colesberg, Northern Cape, South Africa. 

The World Meteorological Organization is warning that sub-Saharan Africa could see a 3% drop in the gross domestic product by 2050 as a result of climate change. The UN agency says changing precipitation patterns, rising temperatures and more extreme weather will contribute to mounting food insecurity in Africa. And Sudan's ambassador in Washington, Nureldin Satti, says he will "resist the military coup" back home. The Sudanese military seized control of the government in Khartoum on Monday, detaining top government officials. Plus, as President Donald Trump’s top Russia adviser, Fiona Hill had a ringside seat for G20 gatherings in Rio de Janeiro, Hamburg, Germany, and Osaka, Japan. Hill joins The World to preview this year’s G20 gathering and discusses the significance of “no-shows” like China and Russia.

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