An alternative look at Republican Party Policies: Ralph Nader on the US political climate; Richard Clarke on Foreign Policy; Supervisor Hilda Solis on the Job Market; Sec. Thomas Perez on the Economy

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On this week's show: It’s convention time and leaders and thinkers give an alternative take on the Republican Party’s platform on key issues. Consumer advocate, lawyer and former Presidential candidate Ralph Nader discusses the U.S social and political climate. Then, how can the United States approach foreign policy and national security in such a rapidly changing global climate? Richard A. Clarke, former National Co-ordinator for Security, Infrastructure Protection and Counter Terrorism for the United States analyzes the Republican party’s approach to national security and foreign policy. Current Chair of the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors and former Labor Secretary (under President Obama) Supervisor Hilda Solis -- and current Secretary of Labor, Thomas Perez share their views of the job market and the economy.