Violence Against Transgender People is On The Rise

The Takeaway

Violence Against Transgender People is On The Rise

Violence against transgender people is at record high levels. And local police often fail to provide justice.

Poverty in St. Louis is Exacerbated by an Affordable Housing Crisis

Over a quarter of city residents are living below the federal poverty line, where finding affordable housing is nearly impossible.

One Year After Wildfires Raze Northern California, Residents Look Back

One family lost everything, just barely escaping their home before flames engulfed the community.

There's More Black Women Running in the Midterms, But They Face Bigger Hurdles

Black women running for office encounter outright racism and harassment, but also struggle more to gain funding and endorsements. 

"First Man" Tells a Story of American Exceptionalism. Is it Still Relevant in 2018?

Takeaway film critic Rafer Guzman and New York Times critic-at-large Wesley Morris dissect "First Man," and explore whether the story of Neil Armstrong is still relevant in 2018.

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