Tuesday's Turnout, Trump & The Truth, Understanding Autism

The Takeaway

Coming up on today's show:

  • It’s voting day in Florida, North Carolina, Ohio, Missouri, and Illinois. In this primary season, voter turnout has been particularly high for the Republican Party. Kristal High Taylor, editor-in-chief and publisher at Politic365, discusses what's at stake.
  • Donald Trump has been labelled a racist & a demagogue. How should political journalists be reporting his invective? Samuel Freedman, former reporter turned professor of journalism says reporters should report and leave the commentators to commentate.
  • As dissatisfaction with deductibles has risen since the passage of the Affordable Care Act, communities of faith are joining together to cover healthcare costs without insurance. Reverend Howard Russell, president and CEO of Christian Healthcare Ministries, explains.
  • Researchers are launching a major study into autism in girls. Some fear that by separating autism into male and female categories, researchers risk perpetuating gender stereotypes. Emily Brooks, a journalist who writes about gender, sex, and autism, says traditional thinking about autism is too narrow. 
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