Testing Putin, Architecture for Empowerment, The Evolution of The Ad Jingle

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  • In a last-ditch effort to prevent Donald Trump from clinching the Republican presidential nomination, a group of 57 called “Free the Delegates” is calling for the addition of a “conscience clause" that would allow them to vote freely at the Republican National Convention. Regina Thomson, a Republican delegate in Colorado and organizer with “Free the Delegates,” weighs in.
  • Is Donald Trump financially prepared to run a campaign against Hillary Clinton? For a look at where Trump's campaign finances stand, we turn to Rebecca Ballhaus, a Wall Street Journal reporter covering politics and campaign finance.
  • Late last week, Russia became the first country in the history of the Olympics to have an entire team banned from the games because of doping. Meanwhile, NATO is conducting military exercises on the Russian and Polish border. Is the west pushing Putin too far? Kimberly Marten, a professor of political science at Columbia University's Barnard College, answers. 
  • After graduating from Harvard in 2012, architect Pedro Henrique de Cristo moved back to his home country and into a Brazilian slum to utilize his design and public policy skills for community good and empowerment. Now the co-founder of +D Design with Purpose, de Cristo explains how he transformed a garbage dump into an urban park. 
  • Just seven weeks remain before the start of the 2016 Summer Olympic Games. But a subway expansion in Rio de Janeiro that's supposed to transport hundreds of thousands of athletes and fans is still incomplete. We look at Rio’s transit woes and other infrastructure hurdles confronting the city with Adriana Gómez Licón, an Associated Press correspondent in the city.
  • Many curry restaurant owners in the U.K. say that the country's strict immigration rules have made it tough for them to hire new chefs from Bangladesh and India. Some are claiming that leaving the E.U. will save Britain's curry industry, but the issue is more complicated that than. Jeffrey Ali, director of “Le Raj,” a curry restaurant in the U.K., weighs in.
  • Has the classic advertising jingle come full circle? We look at the evolution of the advertising art form and the jingle's transition from broadcast to the internet with Matthew Billy, host of the podcast "Between the Liner Notes."