The remorseful executioner.

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  • After an attack at a Venezuelan army base left two dead over the weekend, President Nicolás Maduro has vowed to impose the maximum punishment on the assailants. The Takeaway explores the crisis in Venezuela and the role the U.S. is playing in the region with Alejandro Velasco, a author of “Barrio Rising: Urban Popular Politics and the Making of Modern Venezuela," and Ana Vanessa Herrero, a Caracas-based reporter for The New York Times.
  • Trump Administration is moving to make it impossible to take nursing homes to court. Remington Gregg, counsel for civil justice and consumer rights at Public Citizen, a nonprofit advocacy organization, explains. 
  • Kenyans head to the polls on Tuesday to elect a new president. There are significant concerns about whether Kenya will be able to hold safe and credible elections after a senior election official was recently found dead. Wairimu Gitahi, founder of Mediatwenty Productions,  says Kenya's democracy has gotten much stronger since violent elections of the past, but people are still wary today.
  • On Tuesday, Detroit will hold its mayoral primary — the first election since the city exited bankruptcy in 2014. Incumbent Mayor Mike Duggan is leading in the polls alongside State Senator Coleman Young II. What are Detroit residents hoping to get out of this election? Quinn Klinefelter, senior news editor for WDET, weighs in.
  • Glenn Martin, president and founder of JustLeadershipUSA, is dedicated to cutting the U.S. correctional population in half by 2030. Martin, who spent six years in a New York state prison in the '90s, has been a long-time advocate for prison reform. He uses his own experiences as a formerly incarcerated inmate to bring attention to his mission.
  • Frank Thompson is the former superintendent of the Oregon State Penitentiary where he oversaw and conducted the execution of two inmates. He now works as an advocate against the death penalty, and shares his story today on The Takeaway.
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