Reckoning with Race in Public Media 2020-07-09

The Takeaway

Reckoning with Race in Public Media

In the midst of a nationwide push for racial justice, public media is having a reckoning of its own.

What Does the Latest SCOTUS Decision Mean for Birth Control Access?

In a 7-2 decision, the court upheld a Trump administration regulation allowing employers to deny contraceptive coverage to workers based on religious or moral grounds. 

What is the Business Side of Developing a Vaccine?

The world is waiting for a COVID-19 vaccine and the US government is spending billions of dollars to develop one. 

'Much Mucho Amor' Director on the Life of Legendary Astrologer Walter Mercado

Cristina Costantini, co-director of a new documentary about Walter Mercado, joins The Takeaway to discuss the famed astrologer's life and legacy.