Privacy Concerns Mount as Coronavirus Spreads 2020-04-09

The Takeaway

Privacy Concerns Mount as Coronavirus Spreads

Around the world, privacy advocates are sounding the alarm on heightened surveillance measures that have popped up amid the ongoing pandemic. 

In New Jersey, COVID-19 Cases Continue to Rise

The Takeaway speaks to New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy about how COVID-19 is playing out in his state. 

Nightly Gratitude and Applause for Health Care Workers Around the World

All over the world, people have been clapping and cheering for health care workers in a nightly ritual to celebrate those on the front lines of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Number of COVID-19 Deaths in New York City May Actually Be Even Greater Than Reported

A significant rise in the number of at-home deaths suggests that the city is not counting everyone dying from COVID-19.

Alan Yang and Tzi Ma Peel Back the Layers of an Immigrant's Story in 'Tigertail'

Alan Yang is best known as the co-creator of 'Master of None,' but for 'Tigertail,' his first film as a writer and director, he decided to tell a more dramatic personal story.

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