Politics with Amy Walter: Early Voting's Big Impact on the Midterms

The Takeaway

This week on Politics with Amy Walter, we examine all aspects of early voting. 

Early Voting's Big Impact on the Midterms

The midterms are very much underway. Over 10 million people have already cast their vote as of this week - numbers that are on par with presidential elections. 

"No Precedent" for the Amount of Money in Midterms

This year's midterms have generated the most money in history. And Democrats are winning the money battle. 

In Wisconsin, a Battle for Trump Voters

While the state broke for Trump in 2016, there are questions over the enthusiasm for the GOP ticket this midterm. 

How Voter Suppression is Affecting Turnout

In some states, hundreds of thousands of voters have been purged from the rolls. We analyze the changes in voting laws that have affected this year's midterms. 


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