Next Generation TED Talks, The Cruz-Kasich Plot, Creativity in Puerto Rico

The Takeaway

Coming up on today's show:

  • It’s primary day in Indiana, and all eyes are on Ted Cruz. The last time Republican presidential candidates fought over the Hoosier State, Ronald Reagan battled Gerald Ford all the way to the 1976 convention. Frank Donatelli, a Republican political consultant who was an organizer with Reagan's campaign in Indiana, explains.
  • Ted Cruz and John Kasich hatched a strategic alliance to take down Donald Trump in Indiana. Kasich promised not to campaign in the Hoosier State in hopes of clearing the path for Cruz. Will the plan work? Carmel, Indiana Mayor James Brainard weighs in.
  • Secretary of State John Kerry in Geneva is trying to revive the first major ceasefire of the five-year Syrian War. Shadi Martini, a former Aleppo hospital administrator who is now a refugee and a humanitarian worker, discusses the situation on the ground. 
  • As the debt crisis takes hold, Governor Alejandro García Padilla painted a grim picture of life on Puerto Rico. Angiemille Latorre, co-founder of Seriously Creative, a creative problem solving firm that helps businesses improve through team building, research, and workshops, explains how Puerto Ricans are trying to get through the crisis. 
  • According to a new study, scientists now have a near perfect picture of the genetic events that can lead to breast cancer. Dr. Josh Lauring, a breast cancer expert at John's Hopkins Kimmel Cancer Center, has the details on this new report. 
  • Chris Anderson, the head of the TED network, looks at the evolution of the TED brand from an elite conference on design, technology, and entertainment, to one of the most open brands on public speaking ever created.