In the Nevada GOP Race, Money is The Untold Story

The Takeaway

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Before he called it quits, Jeb Bush's presidential campaign raised the most money among the GOP candidates in Nevada—the former governor racked in a whopping $208,000. Florida Senator Marco Rubio has raised at $171,000; Neurosurgeon Ben Carson has raised $135,000; Ted Cruz has brought in $73,000; and Carly Fiorina has raised $47,000. 

Donald Trump comes in sixth place on the Nevada fundraising list with just $18,000.

You might say that those numbers are actually inversely related to the poll numbers—Trump is double digits ahead of other candidates, something we might never have considered a possibility in an era of Citizens United and Super Pacs.

So is it time to rethink the role of the establishment and Super Pac money in politics? Might money not hold quite as tight a grip on politics as we thought?

For a better picture of Republican fundraising and spending in Nevada, The Takeaway speaks to Seth Richardson, politics reporter for the Reno Gazette-Journal.