Nationalism Vs. Globalism: Cohn's Departure Shows 'America First' is Winning

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  • White House officials said Tuesday that Gary Cohn, President Trump’s chief economic adviser, will resign. While no official reason was given, there’s speculation that it’s related to an internal struggle over Trump’s plans to put in place large tariffs on steel and aluminum imports. Gary Rivlin, an investigative fellow at the Investigative Fund, and Alex Lawson, senior reporter on international trade at Law360, discuss the significance of Cohn's departure. 
  • Public school students in West Virginia head back to school today after a statewide teacher strike that spanned three weeks finally ended on Tuesday. Educators and other state employees finally struck a deal on a pay increase with lawmakers in Charleston. Two teachers from the state — Brianne Solomon and Jeff Haught — give their assessment of the deal. 
  • Voters in Texas went to the polls on Tuesday for the nation’s first statewide primaries in the 2018 midterm election season. Christopher Connelly, a reporter at KERA News, discusses the results of several key primary races in the Lone Star State.
  • The Trump Administration is suing California over its so-called sanctuary state laws, saying the state is making it impossible for the federal government to enforce federal immigration policies. Scott Shafer, senior editor on KQED's California politics and government desk, has the details. 
  • Former President Barack Obama’s presidential library is supposed to cement his community organizing roots. However local organizers, from the very same side of town where Obama got his start, are fighting the project to get a community benefits agreement. Jeanette Taylor, education organizer of the Kenwood Oakland Community Organization, explains. 

  • Science writer Abby Norman documents her struggle to get help, medical care, and a diagnosis in a new book called “Ask Me About My Uterus: A Quest to Make Doctor’s Believe in Women’s Pain.” She shared her story with Takeaway producer Alexandra Botti.

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