N. Korea's Rocket Launch Triggers Backlash from Global Community

The Takeaway

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On Sunday, North Korea launched a rocket, supposedly carrying an "earth observation satellite," into space.

North Korea claims they successfully launched the Kwangmyongsong 4 into orbit as part of a peaceful and scientific space program. But launching long-range rockets goes against several U.N. Security Council regulations

Following the news, the U.N Security Council held a closed-door emergency meeting and issued a statement condemning the space launch vehicle. Many believe that the rocket is a disguise for covering up the testing of long-range missile technology. There was already concern in the international community after North Korea detonated what the government claimed was a hydrogen bomb back in January. 

David Sanger, national security correspondent from our partner The New York Timesdiscusses what the launch indicates and what, if any, the international response will be.