Medical Breakthrough Prompts Reflection for People Living with HIV

The Takeaway

For only the second time since the AIDS epidemic began, a patient is in long-term remission from H.I.V.

The anonymous “London patient” appears to have been infection-free for the past year and a half, after receiving a bone marrow transplant for cancer. This comes nearly 12-years after the first patient -- Timothy Ray Brown -- went into remission by the same method.

Joining The Takeaway to discuss this breakthrough and what it means for AIDS research going forward is Dr. Timothy J. Henrich, an AIDS specialist at the University of California, San Francisco.

Also joining the show to give their perspectives on this news are two people living with HIV, David Gebel, administrative assistant for WNYC Studios and The Takeaway, and Michael, a chef based in New York City. Michael asked The Takeaway not to use his full name.

Music used in this episode was composed and produced by j. cowit.

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