Local Communities Feel the Effect of Change in Global Recycling Policies

The Takeaway

Local Communities Feel the Effect of Change in Global Recycling Policies

On January 1, 2018, China stopped accepting any recycled plastic and unsorted scrap paper from overseas. Now, communities around the U.S. are seeing the consequences.

A Court Said New York's Mentally Ill Should Be Able to Live on Their Own. But Can They?

In the years since the court’s decision, 39 residents have returned to adult homes and 33 have died, according to the New York State Office of Mental Health.

Thwarted Terrorist Attack Raises Questions About the Rise of White Nationalism and its Presence in the Military

The Military Times reports that 25 percent of service members have been exposed to white nationalism in the ranks.

What Roller Skating Can Tell Us About Race in America

Roller rinks continue to be one of the most segregated spaces in the country. 


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