Libya Struggles in The Fight Against ISIS

The Takeaway

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This week, officials revealed that French special forces have been helping Libyan troops push back the Islamic State, a group that has terrorized the already fractured country.

Just as reports emerged that Libyan forces made key headway against ISIS in Benghazi, it was also reported that the terrorist organization beheaded 12 combatants in the western city of Sabathra on Wednesday before being pushed back. 

During a CNN-hosted town hall event in South Carolina this week, Hillary Clinton defended U.S. involvement and tried to view the situation optimistically.

“They had an election and it was a good election," said Clinton. "It was a fair election. It met international standards. That was an amazing accomplishment for a nation that had been so deprived for so long. This doesn't happen overnight. And yes it's been a couple of years. I think it's worth European support, Arab support, American support to try to help the Libyan people realize the dream that they had when they went after Qaddafi. ”

Libyan journalist Rami Musa, who is reporting for the Associated Press, joins The Takeaway to discuss the Libyan perspective on international involvement.