Israel: A Fragile Relationship, Food Trafficking in Venezuela, A Solo Pianist Reimagines The Dead

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  • On Wednesday, Secretary of State John Kerry delivered an impassioned speech from the State Department, reiterating his support for a two state solution and appearing to direct his remarks more at Israeli public opinion than the U.S. George MitchellPresident Obama’s former special envoy to the Middle East and retired Senator from Maine, shares his perspective on the history of the U.S.-Israeli relationship and what's changing today.

  • Lori Lowenthal Marcus is alawyer and the co-chair of the Jews Choose Trump organization. She lends insight into how Jewish supporters of Donald Trump are responding to the latest upheaval in U.S.-Israeli relations, and lays out her expectations for a Trump presidency.
  •  Dave Zirin, Sports Editor for The Nation magazine, gives a recap of the year in sports and social justice from Colin Kaepernick protests, to the failures and successes of the Olympics in Brazil, to the death of Muhammad Ali.
  • An investigation by the Associated Press has found that the military is operating a major food trafficking scheme in a country with millions on the brink of starvation, operating illegal food markets and setting the price of goods. Hannah Dreier, Venezuela correspondent for The Associated Press, was part of that investigation. She shares what she found.
  • Thousands have been killed since Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte began his crackdown on drugs and drug users, but despite international condemnation, his approval ratings remain high. Reporter Aurora Almendral spent a night on patrol with the Manilla police department. She shares her experience and describes what the war on drug users and dealers looks like from the ground.
  • Pianist Holly Bowling has made a name for herself reinterpreting the music of Phish and The Grateful Dead for solo piano. She joins The Takeaway to talk about her new album Better Left Unsung, out this month.