Immigration Ban: The Republican Response, the Christian Response, and the Complexities of Digital Security

The Takeaway

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  • 60 Republican lawmakers have expressed reservations or declined to fully support Trump's immigration ban. One of them is Congressman Leonard Lance from New Jersey's 7th district. He believes the order was rushed and poorly implemented.
  • The Pope family has been living off the land in Loyal, Oklahoma since 1902. Farm life has never been easy but in today’s world it’s even more difficult to make ends meet on a family owned farm, and for the Pope’s that means farming and ranching but also oil and gas.  The Takeaway traveled to the center of the country to take the nation's pulse.

  • Manoush Zomorodi, host of Note To Self, presents "The Privacy Paradox,” an audience engagement series that unpacks one of the greatest dilemmas we face in our wired-up world: how to stay connected without feeling intruded upon by our services and software.
  • Despite a measure in Trump's immigration ban that would prioritize Christian refugees, many Christian leaders are speaking out against the ban. Jennifer Smyers, Director of Policy and Advocacy for the Immigration and Refugee Program of the Church World Service shares that perspective.
  • Notable billionaire Warren Buffett eats McDonald's for breakfast. That's one of many facts revealed about "The Oracle of Omaha" in Peter Kunhardt's new documentary, "Becoming Warren Buffett." Susie Buffett talks about her father and the new documentary in this segment.
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