The Human Toll of the Baghdad Bombing, Reaching Jupiter's Orbit, and Inter-partisan Marriages

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Abel al-Jaf has been identified as one of 165 dead in the ISIS bombing in Baghdad on July 3rd. Jonathan Hollander, President and Artistic Director, Battery Dance Company and Dancing to Connect, knew Adel well. He shares his memories of al-Jaf, how they became communicating--and the importance of the connection outside of Iraq.

There were 44 people killed at the Ataturk Airport in Istanbul last week, followed by a brutal attack in a restaurant in Bangladesh. Rukmini Callimachi, foreign correspondent for our partner The New York Times is here to set the three attacks into context.

It's taken Juno 5 years to get to Jupiter. What will it discover? Jason Kendall, adjunct professor of astronomy at William Patterson University, tells us some of the things they are expecting to find.

FBI director James Comey announced Tuesday that while Hillary Clinton was "extremely careless" in handling classified information, they are recommending no charges be filed. Washington correspondent Todd Zwillich explains what this means.

Thanks to the pioneering work of scientists, computers and other devices have become increasingly clever about reading and understanding human emotions. In the future, the information that our digital devices will be able to glean about our inner selves will no doubt be valuable to many, but could it also make us vulnerable because of privacy concerns? Rana el Kaliouby, a pioneer in the emerging world of emotional technology and the co-founder and CEO of the emotional recognition company, Affectiva, tells us that Affectiva has collected over 4 million videos of faces from 75 countries around the world.

Our everyday rituals are the results of thousand of years of human behavior, but it's harder to study them than you'd think. Greg Jenner, historian and author of "A Million Years in a Day: A Curious History of Everyday Life from the Stone Age to the Phone Age," talks about the quirky connetions between hair care and tooth care and warfare and manners.

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