House Managers Begin Their Case Against President Trump 2020-01-23

The Takeaway

House Managers Begin Their Case Against President Trump

Each of the seven House managers will present different aspects of the case.

Women are Leading Protests Against Controversial Citizenship Law in India

In India, people are still protesting a law passed over a month ago that many see as discriminatory against Muslims because it grants citizenship based on religion.

Glenn Greenwald Responds to Accusations of Cybercrimes by the Brazilian Government

The Brazilian government alleges that Greenwald helped hack the cellphones of public officials. Greenwald joins The Takeaway to discuss the charges against him.

The Threats That Journalists Face for Reporting on the Government

As civil unrest and protests have grown, in places like Hong Kong, Chile, and Lebanon, governments have cracked down on reporters as well as protesters.

The Rise of "Abortion Reversal" Laws

In 2019, the U.S. saw an unprecedented number of laws aimed at limiting people’s right to abortion.

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