Honduras Caravan: Thousands of Hondurans Fleeing Violence Head to U.S. Amid Trump's Threats

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Honduras Caravan: Thousands of Hondurans Fleeing Violence Head to the U.S. Amid Trump's Threats

President Trump has urged Guatemala, Honduras, and El Salvador — known as the Northern Triangle — to stop the people from traveling north, threatening to pull aid to the countries.

How Effective is Major League Baseball's Domestic Violence Policy?

This season, the Houston Astros traded for a player after he was suspended for domestic violence allegations. Now, the team is announcing efforts to combat domestic violence.

Legalizing Marijuana, Canada Navigates New Social and Legal Implications

Canada is just the second country to legalize recreational marijuana.

U.S. Relationship with Saudi Arabia Poses Risks to National Security

The apparent slaying of Jamal Khashoggi has exposed the geopolitical risks inherent in the U.S.'s relationship with Saudi Arabia.

A Booming Jobs Market: What Does It Mean For All Americans?

A booming labor market means it’s also a great time for employees to ask for more money in their current role, or to find new, better work. But who is left out of this prosperous moment?


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