Hillary Clinton's Journey, The Future of The SATs, Engineering Heavy Metal

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  • Hillary Clinton has won enough delegates to secure the Democratic nomination. Gail Sheehy, the author of the biography "Hillary's Choice," has been writing about the Clintons since 1992. She joins The Takeaway to discuss Hillary's journey from First Lady of Arkansas to the Democratic nominee for president. 
  • Is the presidential nomination process rigged to favor long-time party loyalists? And is it exploiting the core of the Democratic system? For answers, we turn to Jennifer Lawless, a professor of government at American University.
  • On June 23rd, Britons will vote on whether to leave the European Union. Previous polls suggested that voters would choose to remain, but a recent shift of opinion appears to be changing things. Guto Harri, a political analyst and former spokesman for former London Mayor Boris Johnson, explains.
  • The digital age has proven to be quite a challenge for the security of SAT test. As cheating scandals pop up, many are reconsidering the college admissions process, according to Joy St. John, dean of admission and financial aid at Wellesley College
  • The Chinese equivalent of the SAT and ACT is called the Gaokao. The intense college entrance exam has come under fire for the immense pressure it puts on Chinese students. Takeaway Producer Corinne Dillon has the details.
  • Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi will speak before Congress today. He’s expected to announce that India will formally comply with the Paris climate change agreement, which will guarantee that the deal will go into effect before the next president takes office. Dr. Vishakha Desai, former president and CEO of Asia Society and a senior research scholar at Columbia University, fills us in.
  • The Takeaway speaks to Tristan Shone, the creator and sole artist behind Author & Punisher, a sonic and visual artist venturing into a new league of music and and live performances.