Free Speech on Campus, Kleptocrats, Finding Identity

The Takeaway

Coming up on today's show:

  • This week, conservative American journalist Jason Riley joined the long list of individuals who have been disinvited from college campuses due to clashes of ideology. Is free speech being lost as universities create an atmosphere of exclusion? John Corvino, chair of the philosophy department at Wayne State University, and Marc Landy, a political science professor at Boston College, weigh in.
  • How are police and security forces preparing in the city of Cleveland for the Republican convention in July, while also operating under a federal consent decree? For answers, we turn to Keith Torbet, Wauseon police chief and president of the Ohio Association of Chiefs of Police.
  • The Takeaway talks to Lisa Oswald, a small business over in Cleveland, about how businesses are preparing for the visibility and potential chaos that the Republican National Convention will bring.
  • Economist James Henry is a senior advisor at the Tax Justice Network and a senior fellow at the Columbia Center for Sustainable Investment. He's examined World Bank and IMF data over the last 45 years, and has found that kleptocrats have taken $12.1 trillion from developing countries. 
  • Mmachi Dimoriaku is a senior at DreamYard Preparatory School in the South Bronx. She's a second generation immigrant from Nigeria and a passionate storyteller who uses performance to understand and share her many identities. She talks with John Hockenberry about life as a young immigrant in New York City.