Fighting the Zika Virus on the Front Lines in Brazil

The Takeaway

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The World Health Organization has asked for $56 million over the next four months to combat the Zika virus. 

The virus has already spread to 39 countries, and has been linked to birth defects in Brazil, where a public health campaign to combat the mosquito-born illness is already underway. 

Carolyn Beeler, an environmental reporter and producer for PRI's The World and PRI's Across Women's Lives (AWL) series, reports from Brazil on the front lines of Zika virus prevention for AWL's "Her Planet" project.

She tells The Takeaway that teams of public health workers, accompanied by military officials, are going door-to-door in cities like São Paulo, telling residents about best practices regarding mosquito control.

The AWL "Her Planet" project on women and the environment launches Monday at