FCC Commissioner: The Internet Shouldn't Be a 'Partisan Pinball'

The Takeaway

Coming up on today's show:

  • On Thursday, the FCC is expected to vote to roll back net neutrality rules. Jessica Rosenworcel will be one of the FCC commissioners casting a vote. She discusses what's at stake, and how it will impact all Americans' lives. 

  • We continue to look at the future of the Republican Party with Republican Governor Bill Haslam of Tennessee. Haslam is also the head of the Republican Governors Association. He explains why he didn’t vote for President Trump, and how the party is positioning itself to woo minorities, young people, and white married women.
  • The Mayor of San Francisco, Ed Lee, died suddenly Tuesday morning. He was 65 years old, a former civil rights lawyer, and a housing activist. Scott Shafer, senior editor of California politics and government at public radio station KQED, looks back at Lee's life and legacy. 
  • As Zimbabwe’s ruling ZANU-PF party prepares to hold its "extraordinary Congress" this week, The Takeaway speaks with U.S. Ambassador to Zimbabwe, Harry Thomas Jr.,about the transition currently taking place, and America’s ability to encourage Zimbabwe to bring in democratic and fiscal reforms.

  • Half of all Americans are insured through their workplace. But millions don't seek new opportunities because they're afraid to go without benefits. How did we end up with a system that many say isn't working? Christopher Johnson, a reporter with WNYC’s health desk, explores that question as part of our series, "Your Healthcare: What Happened?"
  • Experts say some language can actually change how a person struggling with addiction is perceived and thus treated medically. The Takeaway sits down with John F. Kelly, associate professor of psychiatry in the field of addiction medicine at Harvard Medical School, whose 2010 research tested two different ways of referring to someone dealing with addiction. His work turned up important results for our understanding of language and addiction.

This episode is hosted by Todd Zwillich

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