Facebook Promises To Combat Divisiveness and Improve Privacy. Again.

The Takeaway

Facebook Promises To Combat Divisiveness and Improve Privacy. Again. 

Mark Zuckerberg called for increased oversight to help reign in harmful content and fake news, as well as improve privacy.

Governor Ralph Northam Returns to the Public Eye Following Scandal

Virginia's Governor, Lt. Governor and Attorney General all faced scandal, yet all remain in their jobs. What happens from here and how do Virginian's feel about it?

In Hulu's "Shrill," a Fat-Phobic World Is the Punchline 

Shrill, based on the Lindy West memoir of the same name, explores the personal story of a self-described fat woman in pursuit of her own lost power.


Issie Lapowsky

Corey D.B. Walker

Samhita Mukhopadhyay

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