On Columbus Day, Being Undocumented in America

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Senators Collins and Manchin: What Do Voters Think of their Kavanaugh Votes?

Although the voting for Kavanaugh was almost entirely along party lines, there were some senators whose votes we were all watching.

How the Supreme Court is Perceived with Justice Kavanaugh

With Kavanaugh's politically charged confirmation hearing, will he be a balanced and fair Justice?

Playwright Dominique Morisseau Calls for a Collective Shift in the Theater World

Dominique Morisseau is among the 25 winners of this years MacArthur “genius” grant. She spoke with The Takeaway about her work and breaking down institutional barriers in the theater.

On Columbus Day, Being Undocumented in America

That idea of home, of access to the American dream, is even more complicated when you are undocumented.

How Trump's Wall Would Devastate One Texas Community Struggling with Poverty

President Trump says the nation has conquered poverty. But communities like Presidio, Texas, are still struggling, and fear Trump's wall would crush its hopes for survival. 


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