Can the Restaurant Industry Recover from COVID-19? 2020-05-19

The Takeaway

Can the Restaurant Industry Recover from COVID-19?

Restaurants in some states are reopening for dine-in service, but ongoing shifts in how they do business are resulting in massive losses for the food service industry.

What Images Will Define the COVID-19 Pandemic?

Each day, we’re confronted by numbers, information, and images reminding us of the infectious disease’s toll around the world. 

Locusts, Floods, and Coronavirus: The Crises in East Africa

The swarms of locusts are leading to fears of famine in the region, where response to COVID-19 is already stretched thin.

Treating Patients and Engaging in Activism: A Doctor's Balancing Act

Activists, attorneys, and doctors ring the alarm on dangerous conditions in ICE custody.

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