Bern or Bust? Rubio or Run? Voters Face Hard Choices as Field Narrows

The Takeaway

The results from Super Tuesday are sinking in, but the primaries are far from over—about two-thirds of states and territories have still note voted or caucused.

Still, the delegates already won point to some likely outcomes. Donald Trump has won 319 delegates, but his three remaining Republican opponents Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio, and John Kasich, together have 361. Some believe a contested convention still possible.

On the Democratic side, Hillary Clinton has won 596 delegates compared to Senator Bernie Sanders' 407, but that is without counting the 457 super delegates that have already pledged to vote for Clinton, something that's tipping the scales considerably. 

But there are hundreds of delegates still left to divide up before any candidate crosses the winning threshold, and as the field narrows, some passionate voters are having to re-calculate.

The Takeaway speaks with three voters who are conflicted about the emerging choices for presidential nominee: Daniel Urena, a college student from Kissimmee, Florida; Kimberly Comer, a property tax assessor from Lincoln Park, Michigan, and Ben Crump, an insurance adjuster from Fort Mill, South Carolina.