Baltimore's Mayor Embroiled in Children's Book Scandal

The Takeaway

Baltimore's Mayor Embroiled in Children's Book Scandal

There are questions about Mayor Catherine Pugh's self-published kids book, and whether or not buyers were given access to government influence.

The Death of the Lyell Glacier

Yosemite National Park's Lyell Glacier is dying. Writer Dan Duane joined Yosemite geologist Greg Stock in a hike up to the glacier, which is now a fraction of its original size.

Making Arab American Theater

Muslim and Arab American theater are having a moment. But the communities at the hearts of these shows fear they will only garner attention if they are about that identity.


Alec MacGillis

Liz Bowie

Dan Duane

Greg Stock

Jamil Khoury

Yussef El Guindi

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