Are Sanctions The Best Way Forward With North Korea?

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  • In Congress, the push for a full fix to DACA could mean a government shutdown this Friday. President Trump's inflammatory comments recently torpedoed potential legislation from the Senate, but it's unclear whether Speaker Paul Ryan will be willing to bring a bipartisan bill to the floor of the House. Rachael Bade is a Congressional reporter for Politico. She brings us the latest from Capitol Hill. And Andrea Bonilla,a DACA recipientwho came to the U.S. from Ecuador when she was 5 years old, shares her story. 
  • Canada and the U.S. are hosting a meeting of foreign ministers in Vancouver today to discuss how best to contain North Korea’s nuclear ambitions. Anthony Ruggiero,asenior fellow at the foundation for the Defense of Democracies and a former government expert on sanctions and nuclear proliferation, explains why sanctions are the best strategy when it comes to North Korea, and how they could be used more effectively. 
  • As Chris Christie says goodbye to the Garden State, Democrat Phil Murphy is stepping into the governor's office in New Jersey, and Republicans around the country are watching. Dave Weigel, national political correspondent for the Washington Post, explains. 
  • In recent weeks, Missouri Governor Eric Greitens has come under scrutiny for an extramarital affair, and now allegations of blackmail and abuse have surfaced. But despite being considered an up-and-coming star in the party, Greitens doesn’t have a perfect track record in the state. For details, The Takeaway turns to Jason Rosenbauma political reporter for St. Louis Public Radio and co-host of the podcast “Politically Speaking.”
  • Under a federal law from 1986, social media companies claim to be forbidden from providing the same information to defense attorneys that they are obligated to turn over to prosecutors. Andrew Cohensenior editor at The Marshall Project and author of Case in Point, joins The Takeaway to explain how this decades old law has created a potential legal disparity in the 21st century.
  • Jessica Bennett of The New York Times and Koa Beck of Jezebel join The Takeaway every week to discuss the #MeToo movement. Following allegations against actor Aziz Ansari, Koa and Jessica look at the concept of “eventual consent.” 

This episode is hosted by Todd Zwillich

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