"All The Bodies Started Stacking Up": A Funeral Director Remembers the Dead from Hurricane Maria

The Takeaway

"All The Bodies Started Stacking Up": A Funeral Director Remembers the Dead from Hurricane Maria

We talk to a general manager of a funeral home who knew the death toll exceeded what was officially being reported.

Emergency Response Efforts Remain Critical as Florence Continues to Damage Carolinas

Although it was downgraded from a hurricane over the weekend, Florence is still inflicting heavy rainfalls on the Carolinas. At least fifteen people have been reported dead. 

Dozens Dead After Typhoon Mangkhut Tears Through Philippines and Hong Kong

Over the weekend, as Hurricane Florence was making its way through the Carolinas, Typhoon Mangkhut killed dozens in the Philippines before pummeling Hong Kong. 

Poll: Majority of Americans Support Diversity in Higher Education, Oppose Affirmative Action

A new survey finds that the majority of Americans disagree with the Supreme Court's ruling to uphold affirmative action. But most still say that they value diversity on college campuses.

Thousands of Prisoners Left Out of Obama's Effort to Soften Unfair Drug Laws

While some eventually did have their sentences commuted or reduced others were denied. We take a look at the clemency initiative and who was left behind. 


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