Podcast Special: Why Hodor is the Heart of "Game of Thrones"

Studio 360

"Game of Thrones" is the most pirated TV show ever — and it’s most beloved character is Hodor, the tall, strong, and slow-on-the-uptake man who valiantly protects the offspring of the Stark family. It's always been a mystery why Hodor can only say one word, "hodor," but the most recent episode of GoT gave us a major reveal — and electrifying plot twist. 

Last fall, producer Sean Rameswaram talked with Kristian Nairn, the musician-turned-actor who plays Hodor. Nairn shares some surprising behind-the-scenes details (those are dozens of real rabbits on his cloak), as well as how he ended up taking the role. 

Listen to the interview above (*spoilers in the audio*), with some highlights below. 

Interview highlights:

  • 3:25 — Why Nairn took the role: His mother was a big fan of the books and told him he should accept the part if it was offered.
  • 4:25 — What you would never expect about his costume: "It smells of eight thousand corpses," Narin laughs. His character ends up wearing over 70 dead rabbits as part of his costume for continuity. "You can literally smell it before you see it," he reveals. 
  • 7:10 — Playing two versions of Hodor: One of Nairn's favorite moments is when his character gets to kill someone while he's possessed by another character, showing a totally different side to the gentle giant.